Moling Services

Efficient and Non-Invasive Pipe Installation Solutions for Your Home and Business

At Real Utilities, we specialize in moling services, a trenchless technology solution that allows us to install pipes without the need for extensive digging. Our expert team uses advanced moling equipment to ensure minimal disruption to your property while efficiently laying pipes for water, gas, and other utilities. Whether it’s for a new installation or replacing existing pipes, our moling services are designed to be quick, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moling is a trenchless technology method used to install pipes underground without the need for large trenches. It involves a pneumatic machine (the mole) that creates a tunnel for the pipe to be laid.

Moling reduces surface disruption, lowers project costs, and is faster compared to traditional trenching methods. It's also environmentally friendly and reduces the impact on surrounding areas.

Moling can be used to install water, gas, and electric pipes, as well as ducts for telecommunications and other utilities.

Yes, moling is ideal for residential properties as it minimizes damage to gardens, driveways, and other landscaped areas.